The Hamptons of China

March 5, 2007

IN Yiwu, a city of 680,000 in Zhejiang province, where the average income in 2005 was 19010 RMB, there also 82,118 cars(80% are privately owned), more than one car per 10 people. Now, these are not normal cars. Zhejiang is supposedly has one of the hottest provincial economies in China, but the wealth gap here is just unbelievable. Article can be found here

According the city transportation bureau’s statistics there are: (in 2005!)

2 Maybachs, 56 Ferraris、2 Spyker V8’s、5 Lamborghini’s、8 Lotus’、2814 BMW’s、1302 Benzes、3698 Audi’s、163 Porches、36 Hummers、8 Rolls Royce’s、32 Bentley’s、184 Caddilacs。

Party cadres busy promoting “social harmony” at their annual meeting. What better way than to drive up in a Ferrari!

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