Netbar’s restricted in China for 2007

March 6, 2007

As of 2007 no more new permits will be given out for web bars, and any that were under construction must be completed within the next 6 months. Furthermore, the new regulations emphasize the restriction of 18 and under in Internet bars.

In my experience these laws have had difficulty being implemented. While Beijing is regulated and you need to use a I.D to surf the Internet, when I was in Harbin nothing of the sort was required. In Harbin web bars I regularly saw people looking at porn, kids clearly under 18 using the Internet, and operating hours that were well past city regulations.

Article HERE (Chinese)

One Response to “Netbar’s restricted in China for 2007”

  1. xtaike Says:

    i wonder which group of net users the CCP is trying to target with these new regulations. as you mentioned, most of these regulations rarely make it beyond 中南海. however, without more internet cafes, those who cannot afford to go online at home, or even own a computer for that matter will undoubtedly be affected. on the other hand, such a regulation would have absolutely no effect on those of the middle-upper classes who can simply access the internet from their homes. intuitively, these better educated, free-thinking netizens should be the ones the CCP ought to be keeping an eye on.

    from a totally different perspective, the CCP may simply be aiming to reduce crime with such regulations. for internet cafes are common venues for delinquents, 盲流, and other socially undesirable groups. so what exactly is the CCP trying to do? i wonder…

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