Chonqging Holdout Part II

March 13, 2007

In a follow up to my last post “China’s Most Incredible Holdout.”  I have translated an editorial that appeared on 3/11/07 in Nanfang Daily.

Origional can be found here
 In the past we’ve only seen the conceited actions of real estate developers forcing other’s to move their homes, rarely witnessing the kind of action taken here by the holdout in Chonqqing. Originally, there wasn’t a single person in this world that a developer couldn’t touch, but now we’ve finally been taught a lesson by someone who resisted. However what really has made people feel unfortunate is that the individual putting up this fight is not a common person, not a common person preventing the developer’s brutal demolition and relocation according to state law, but rather this unknown person has baffled people with their real ability to do something here. This force can make the Developer grin and bear it, it can even make the housing management flatly deny its existence.  This household resisting eminent domain really is something.

And then I suddenly realized, in the end this incredible of a holdout is probably going to reach an agreement with the developer.  Furthermore, the excessive price the Real Estate businessmen paid for this is ultimately going to land upon the shoulders of average homebuyers.  Whatever the case, be it real estate businessmen or a holdout, with everyone making a big fuss, the unlucky one’s here are the average homebuyers.  The rules of the game revealed here have only made people sigh in outrage.


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