Chinese engineering at its might

March 15, 2007

Anyone read the news stories how China is going to indigenously develop a large scale airplane within the next 10 years? Here are the first prototype shots. Sorry I couldn’t help myself on this one. I love how a missing wheel has been propped up with a helmet.

Caption reads “Genius! Chinese farmer prepares to test flight his self designed helicopter”


3 Responses to “Chinese engineering at its might”

  1. I am of the view China is announcing this “plane” simply to secure discounts from Boeing and Airbus.

  2. Julian Says:

    Haha, I could see that.

    My father, who works for a US airline, told me that Boeing named the Boeing Dreamliner the 787-800 to further entice the Chinese market.

  3. matt Says:

    Arh, the cynical view is so real.

    Rather he tries his copter out than me!

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