Hunan Cadre nailed for sex with Russian prostitute, Chinese netizens suspect it was a set-up

April 12, 2007

Chinese anti-corruption official sacked for Russian tryst
Apr 12, 2007, 11:27 GMT

Beijing – A Communist Party official who was a top provincial campaigner against corruption has been sacked after he was caught in a hotel room with a Russian prostitute, the party’s official newspaper said on Thursday.

Du Xiangcheng was expelled from the party and sacked from his post as deputy secretary of the party’s Commission for Discipline Inspection in the central province of Hunan, People’s Daily and other state media reported. Du was found ‘in a compromising situation with a Russian woman’ at a five-star hotel while he was in Beijing on official business last December.
The party’s central discipline commission has also opened an investigation into Du’s assets and financial dealings, the reports said. Du had cemented a reputation as a stalwart campaigner against corruption through a case against the head of discipline inspection in Hunan’s Changde city in 2004. ‘Cadres are only human and they have desires, so all leading cadres should be able to handle such tests,’ Du told the official Xinhua news agency during the investigation into the Changde case.

Read more of this story here Chinese version of the story on Netease here

According to the Chinese press this happened on December of last year, but according to Sing Tao and Boxun,this happened in December of 2005 and reported on it in March of last year. Why did Sina fudge the dates by a year?

Whats interesting are the Chinese netizen comments on the Netease story, there are over 2,700 of them and its the hottest story right now. Besides netizens professing outrage, many have serious doubts, and believe this was a setup. Netizens speculated that as the Discipline Inspection Deputy Secretary, he most certainly has a number of enemies. And why would someone who knows the ins and outs of vice-investigation be caught in such a dumb act? According to the Chinese version of the story, the room he was in was rented out by a friend, and he had been at a KTV earlier that night.

Some of the netizen comments:

Unexpectedly at a 5 star beijing hotel have an accident with a prostitute? Maybe its because he offended allot of people? The accusers here were premeditated


肯定是被陷害的! 居然有警察跑五星级酒店去查!
“He is a good official! Has anyone heard that he was corrupt and accepted bribes?
If he was a a bad official, would he visit a prostitute under his official title?
This guy was framed! The police just all of a sudden go check 5 star hotels ?!”

Someone had their eyes on him.Who’s seen room inspections in 4 and 5 star hotels?

Standard idiot, that big of a cadre still goes looking for prostitutes?

What really went on here I’m sure we’ll never know, but it highlights how fighting corruption and internal strife within the CCP does happen, and sometime’s its hard to tell who’s on what side.

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